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Bali Russian CenterĀ  provides qualified and experienced interpreters specialize in a number of different fields who are available to offer a range of services for every
conceivable situation or business for : Conferences, Business meetings,Visitor delegations,International Events & Trade Shows,Business Traveler & Tourist Assistance , Conferences,Law courts,Industrial tribunals,Police stations,Hospitals and clinics,Schools.

Our interpreters use various interpretation techniques:

Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting involves interpreting a fragment of speech during a pause made by the speaker, or after a source-text speaker has finished…more

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is carried out simultaneously with the speaker’s delivery of the source text…more

Individual (whispered) Interpreting Services
The interpreter usually sitting along with his client simultaneously translates, whatever the speaker says in a low voice.

We can cater for all your interpreting needs :
Legal/court interpreting
This type of interpreting is related to law enforcement & the judiciary and is mainly used for court hearings, police interrogations, meetings with solicitors and all kinds of legal consultations… more

Medical interpreting
Medical interpreting can be used in various healthcare situations,ranging from routine medical examinations to complex and highly-specialized medical conferences at an international level…more

Business interpreting
Business interpreting can be used for all kinds of business meetings, e.g. conferences, negotiations, foreign business trips, international fairs… more

Public service interpreting
Public service interpreting is used by public institutions and agencies to enable or facilitate communication between public officers and local multilingual communities… more

Media interpreting
Media interpreting is used to facilitate contact with the media.Press, radio and TV are basic sources of public information that all require appropriate and accurate interpreting… more

When you book a Bali Russian CenterĀ  interpreter, it means that they become part of your team. Our interpreters are committed and flexible so, for example, if you need them to stay on for longer than they have been booked for, they are happy to do so.

Bali Russian Center interpreters are professional and friendly and welcome the opportunity to help you take on any new challenge.

Please contact us for information in detail.

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