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Learn Balinese Arts

These are some special interesting experience about the ancient balinese traditions,that you may do during your holiday in this island of the God.


Through “ creative culture workshops “ Russian Centre Bali “ gives you a possibility to know deeper and to experience our Balinese arts.Our professionals and experienced teacher will assists you to learn and enjoy the program.


Here are the program that you may choose :

*Silver Jewelry class

*Wood or Stone or MaskCarving classes

*Batik Making class

*Traditional and Modern Painting classes

*Ceremonial Offering class

*Bamboo and Lontar weaving

*Fruit Carving /Fruit Decoration



A day to create your own Heirloom piece of silver jewelery.Skillfully guided from design through each step of the production process you will learn how to work silver into wearable art.Five (5) grams of silver is included in the price and is sufficient to create a pair of earrings, a ring or a pendant.

This is a one of a kind creative experience in Bali.



This unique experience with a master carver is suitable for all ages and abilities.Working side by side, using the traditional simple tools, you will experience the insight that creates the fantastic carvings found in Bali. Your teacher will assist you to create an original carved egg, carved mask or animal.

 003. BATIK

This is a fascinating introduction to Balinese Batik techniques, tools, and dyes.A fun-filled, creative workshop to produce an original design, or to try to master the detail of a tarditional one.Working in vibrant colors with a skilled teacher, this class is graduated to be one of your most unforgettable memories of Bali.



Balinese traditional painting is a unique cultural heritage.sometimes a master painter will devote an entire year to the completion of one canvas.This workshop (suitable for all ages and abilities) concentrates on understanding and using the traditional motifs which give these works such depth and meaning.A totally hands- on experience, this class will take you deep into the mystery and romance which is Balinese art.Modern painting techniques are also taught.



Wherever you go in Bali, everyday, one encounters canangs (small handwoven offerings to the gods).They can be seen adorning homes, temples, businesses; even cars and motorbikes.Daily offerings, in form of canang, is the foundation of Bali-Hindu worship.This one hour workshop,as an introduction to balinese culture -learn how to make traditional balinese offerings through methods of basket making with leaves from coconut trees.And the meaning of how to perform daily offerings and make a wish for the planet.



Bambo weaving is inseparable from Bali’s Hindu Culture, woven Bamboo has been crafted for centuries.As decorative baskets to cortain the food, flower and fruit offerings that re the heart of every Hindu ceremony.Woven Bamboo Lontar is Bali’s papyrus- the pre- paper organic writing surface.Lontar tablets are scored by artisans using charcoal and ink to “Write and Paints” image and woros for perpetuity.



Carved fruit has been used as an art element in Hindu offerings for their Gods.For centuries learn to carve voluptuous organic flowers and sculpted images onto nature’s bounty of fruits and melons.

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